Relationship Tip of the Month

Building a healthy relationships isn't something you can do overnight. It is a process. A process of removing the bad and implementing the good. Each month work on a new relationship principle you in your life.

SINGLE - Build Community

Get involved in your church. Join a bible study or small group. Build friends outside of intimate one.

COURTING - Maintain Community

When dating it's easy to isolate yourself from your community. Make sure that your community is involved in your dating process.

MARRIED - Lean on Community

Marriage has it's challenges, therefore look to your community for support. You don't have to struggle alone.


About Simplify Complexity

Simplify Complexity is a Christian relationship advice resource aimed to help those in the different stages of relationships. Whether you're searching, single, dating, courting, engaged, or married you may have experienced the difficulties involved in maintaining a lasting relationship. You may have even asked yourself, “does it have to be so complicated.” Well the answer is, it DOESN'T! Happiness in relationships isn't a distant thing. It is real, and can be something that all can experience. This site will provide encouragement and guidance on how one can simplify the relationship process, and experience the fullness of God's joy, meant for relationships

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